Business English

Purpose: The purpose of this course is to communicate effectively in English at work (->specific for a high-tech environment ).
Key Skills You Will Learn - At the end of this course you will know:
The Learning Axes:





Business English

The purpose of this course is to communicate effectively in English at work.

Roles and Responsibilities

We will learn vocabulary to describe work roles and responsibilities within a company or organization. We will become familiar with expressions people use to talk about their jobs.

Talking About Your Job and Team

We will learn English prepositions and different ways to talk about the future. Using your new job responsibility vocabulary, you will learn how to show someone around your workplace.

Marketing and Branding

We will dive into vocabulary associated with marketing and brands, talking about different types of brands and advertising campaigns, and apply our new words in a real-world context. We will learn how to use connector words to show how different ideas are related to one other.

Written Communication:Make Your Emails and IMs More Effective

Jolt workshop

Business Emails Debrief and Practice

We will debrief and discuss the email writing workshop. Learn to organize information in a work-related email, important things to remember when writing in English, and writing a reply to a work invitation.

Brainstorming Meeting and Email Writing Workshop (Business Workshop)

We will describe and plan ideas for a promotional event or marketing campaign. We will practice using the email writing skills we learned to communicate effectively and get the word about our event.

Employment Basics: Job Search

How to Build An Impactful Linked In Profile / Working Together on your LinkedIn Profile - Jolt Workshop

We will use the information gained in the workshop to improve our individual LinkedIn profiles.

Ready for Your Next Interview / Intro to Tech

Jolt workshop

Business Strategy

We will learn important vocabulary and grammar connected to business strategy. You will be able to use modal verbs to talk about obligation, prohibition, necessity, and recommendation, leveling up your business communication.

Problem Solving

We will introduce you to language for solving problems, as well as phrases that can be used for offering and asking for help. You will learn techniques to help you lead and participate in problem-solving meetings, as well as report reasons and results using linking phrases.

Interview - Hiring Manager and Candidate  - Business Workshop

You will participate in a simulation of the job interview process from both sides - hiring and job-seeking. Not only will you have practice asking and answering questions, but you will learn how to compare CVs and talk about professional experience.

Lean Startups

Jolt workshop

Starting and Financing a Business

We will learn vocabulary that describes different ways to start and finance a business. In today’s world, there are many different ways to raise funds, each of which require a different process. You will learn how to differentiate between different financing models and speak about them intelligently.

Business Models 101

Jolt workshop

Process and Logistics

We will learn key terms related to logistics and delivery of goods. We will learn how to use passive forms in past, present, and future tenses to describe processes involving delivery and payment.


We will learn about ways to collaborate within the workplace. We will learn phrases that can be used to state your opinion, like whether you agree or disagree, in different workplace situations.

Presenting Facts and Figures

We will learn tools and guidelines for how to present facts and figures using charts, graphs, and tables. You will apply these new skills by creating and presenting a short presentation.


We will learn about different kinds of summaries, what to include and what not to include, and key English phrases to use when summarizing fact-based, work-related information.

Writing a Crowdfunding Pitch (Business Workshop)

We will gain an understanding of the main points of a crowdfunding pitch - why write such a such, the types of projects, rewards strategy, and advice for success. You will prepare and deliver a short pitch.

Cultural Considerations

We will learn vocabulary for talking about work cultures and adjectives for describing people’s personalities. We will use the past tenses to be able to tell anecdotes and talk about experiences working in different countries and cultures.

Work and Leadership

We will learn how to describe leaders and leadership traits, with the help of relative clauses. You will be able to describe not only which leaders you admire, but what specifically you connect to in their leadership style, as well as communicate concrete critiques if necessary.

B2B Sales

Jolt workshop


We will learn different approaches people have for making decisions. We will learn useful phrases for expressing preferences and practice them in different situations.

Winning Friends and Influencing People

Taking inspiration from the legendary book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnergie, we will learn leadership techniques like push and pull influence styles, persuasion and negotiation, and phrases for dealing with objections.

Meeting Management

We will learn a variety of phrases for leading and managing meetings, as well as handling interruptions and keeping meetings on task. Afterwards, we will practice what we have learned in mini-meeting simulations.

Doing Business in Your Culture

What do others need to know about working with Israelis? We will study the topic from different angles and create a presentation that explains to a foreigner what to expect from our business culture.

Start Negotiating Like a Pro

Jolt workshop

Negotiating with a Supplier

We will learn a range of phrases that can be used at different stages of the negotiation process. We will practice the skills and phases learned in the JOLT workshop and the lesson in real-time simulations.

Giving Feedback

Jolt workshop

Test-Taking Tips / Final Exam

We will learn some strategies and tips to improve test-taking skills and confidence going into the final exam. You will take the TEQ Exam to see the improvement made during the course.

Pitch A Start-Up

We will introduce our final workshop, where you will be presenting an idea for a startup. You will learn the key vocabulary and structure that will help you make an effective pitch, and begin putting it into practice.

Learn from the Best - Startup Pitches / Getting Ready for Your Pitch

We will dive into some of the best startup pitches of all time to learn techniques that can be useful in our own pitches. We will identify what works well and why and apply them to our presentations, as we fine-tune and practice our pitches.

Student Pitches and Feedback / Final Feedback and Graduation

We will present our pitches to the class and give feedback to one another.

As this is our last session together, we will have a final feedback session and graduation ceremony.